Jerry BellerAuthor & Humanist

I want to shine a light in a world of misinformation, be a unifying force in a climate of division, be a calming presence in a sea of panic, to offer substance in a galaxy of showboating, and to fight for the underdog in a generation lacking compassion. Life is short, and I prefer to use mine to help make the world a better place for present and future life on planet earth. When I take my last breath, I want to know I spent my life fighting for issues bigger than me.

Bridge to a Better America
Tax Reform: Want to Fix our Broken Tax System? (Better America Platform Book 2)
American Health Reform: Want Better, Cheaper Health Care? (Better America Platform Book 3)
Defense Reform: Fighting Waste & Fraud (Better America Platform Book 4)
Defense Modernization: A Stronger, Cheaper Military (Better America Platform Book 5)
Balance the Budget: Cutting Non-Military Discretionary Spending (Better America Platform Book 6)