Fiction for the Intelligent Reader – JB

JB writes fiction for the intelligent reader; people who are interested in the meaning of life or attempting to unravel life's big mysteries. The protagonists in Beller's fiction books are such people. Mavericks. Philosophers. Loners. Their greatest motivation is to do right or make things better. And they're willing to go against the grain of society, if necessary, to accomplish their goals. JB's books project the world where people are living in fantasyland, making mountains out of molehills while ignoring the important issues. JB's protagonists, on the other hand, care about nothing but the important matters. Fiction demands conflict, and JB's characters encounter more than their share. Their ideal view of the world collides with one where humans fail to live up to their potential. They consider their greatest duty to be a good steward of the earth. Talk about a recipe for conflict. 


JB wrote several political thrillers under the pen name Jerry Beller. Wanting to restrict that pen name for his nonfiction work, Beller adopted the pen name JB for his fiction work. JB's political thrillers typically pit an underdog against the system. In Madam President, he pitted a black woman against the American political system. In the Jamaica series, a female takes on corrupt politicians and their drug cartel cronies. 


JB spent decades developing his writing by focusing on historical fiction. Possessing strong research skills, he reads everything available about a period, the injects fictional characters to tell the story. In Abraham, the son of a slaveowner becomes the country's most vocal and powerful abolitionist. In Jericho, a decorated Vietnam veteran becomes the face of the anti-war movement. 


JB also writes literary fiction. 

Expect multiple JB book releases for Christmas 2016 and early 2017.